Whisper Game

From invisible to visible... where artists take the control over the interpretation

Ula Lewicka -

Xueyin Chen-

Rebecca Eskilsson-

Anders Karlen-

"Box with hidden artwork was, by the nature of closed box, rather minimalistic. One of the curators insisted on more visual form of the whole exhibition, so we had to start from beginning. Suppose, we still wanted to touch, but respecting the strong will of the one of us (curator, who is a visual artist), we needed to connect it (all this feast of haptic sensations) with looking at, with the sight. It was even interesting, this his position of connecting aesthetic so strongly with sight. Actually, during my five years of Art History education me as well, i was always made to look, to see I never was able to touch.

In discussion we found out that we can go from touching to looking through other senses. Some of them respected by the Western art world, some seen as “secondary” (like smell, taste or touch). Reading Clara Ursitti article for Art & Research, The Phenomenology of Olfactory Perception: An Interview with Clara Ursitti, we discovered that art exhibitions are working mostly with visible, and that path from invisible to visible, step by step could be an interesting review of the art gallery practice.”

Whisper Game Exhibition on (Part Two), by Rebecca Eskilsson

Whisper Game Exhibition on (Part One), by Anders Karlen


The Destroyer of Compasses

The destroyer of compasses
blown the pressure to be picky,
the academic commitment
forces the audience to make amends for
Theory over practice,
supposition over fleshy life.

If i select my codes to be
would I share as well the
knowledge of glory?
If, really, I don’t care to speak in a public
why am I screaming?
Barbara Fragogna


They didn’t know any better.
Clara Ursitti

Silence contains all the sounds
Alicia Rios


Vågorna för vidare berättelserna
The stories are passed on by the waves
Richard Widerberg


The Sounds of Earth
Gareth Spor

open as well today and tomorrow from 12pm till 5pm!!

open as well today and tomorrow from 12pm till 5pm!!

they didn’t know any better


“lilac mixed with urine” - smell was getting deep inside to your brain. after opening the doors and immersing into the darkness, where air was heavy and almost thick. You couldn’t move further.

bad smell? what means the “bad smell”, and which is the “good one”? scent inside the small room stayed with you longer. it occupied the throat and nose but mostly mind.

“it smells like:

stem from tomatoes; nursery; grandmas toilet; urine; strong, flower-based perfume; cat pee; horse”. metaphorical descriptions, memories.

women seemed to feel it stronger than man. a small child inside didn’t mind at all.

what is happening here…

"I find these shows very touching sometimes” (Robert Stack)

"I find these shows very touching sometimes
(Robert Stack)

room under construction

Exhibition work in progress

Exhibition work in progress

"an engrossing wielding of art and mind games" (Elvis Mitchell) - "The Five Obstructions" - TASKS.